NEDImage ActiveX Control

NEDImage ActiveX Control 2

Image Database Manager

NEDImage ActiveX Control is a program for managing image files that supports many common image files including JPEG, TARGA, PCX, Bitmap, TIFF (G2, G4 and Color) and Kodak Photo CD. With NEDImage ActiveX Control, users can view, display, print and save images easily. The advanced printing functions allow users to copy and paste images to the interface clipboard and allows for control over image printing. NEDImage ActiveX Control is also an essential tool for managing web pages that utilize images from web servers. This feature allows users to reference image files instead of storing them in the database. NEDImage ActiveX Control allows for image optimization and keeps your database small and fast. Image files can be downloaded from the Web in order to aid users in developing applications. NEDImage ActiveX Control is compatible with all versions of Windows Operating Systems, from Windows 95 to Windows 7. NEDImage ActiveX Control also works with Visual Basic versions 4.0 to 2010, FoxPro 3.0, Borland Delphi, Access 97 and 2000-2007 and VC++ 5.0 or greater.